Zhanzheng is developed and designed by ourselves. Peers and friends who have been in this market for a long time know that these appearances and functions and special accessories are all originated from WANCHANG, for example, using profiles, iron batteries, radar functions. We continue to innovate and do not advocate plagiarism and imitation. The products have domestic design patents, radar functions have utility model patents, and all have patent search reports. Most of the products are American and EU patents. Each institution’s requirements for patent protection are increasingly stricter. Please cherish the achievements of others and protect your own property. All products have CE, FCC, RoHS certification, battery has a variety of reports, please rest assured to sell.
People who plagiarize the product are disgraceful. The intellectual property rights of China are becoming more and more perfect. Those who are not right in mind should pay attention to their actions, otherwise the consequences will be conceited.