Product Name:Solar Street Light Item Number:HCT-1821 Shell:PC+ABS Solar Panels:USA sunpower 9V 20w Battery: lithium iron phosphate 6.4V 13000mAh Working current:3600mA Maximum power output:25W LED:Epistar32-34LM SMD2835LED *20
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·Product Name:Solar Street Light                 
 ·Item Number:HCT-1821
  Solar Panels:USA sunpower 18V 40w
·Battery: lithium iron phosphate 6.4V 13000mAh   
·Working current:3600mA
·LED:Epistar32-34LM SMD2835LED *204pcs
 .Lumen: high light6750lm dim light 675lm
·Color temperature: 4000k orage 6000k
·Induction mode:
When someone comes, the sensor triggers circuit to start high light; the light will dim after someone leaving for 15 seconds    
·Charging Time:
sun exposure time is greater than 6 hours
·Using time: More than 12 hours at night time.  

·Neutral Packing ·
Product size:480*235*65mm       
One Package Weight: 4000g